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UgotBronx 09-23-2018 08:55 am

Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
Kaycee did not use the veto

Kaycee chose to evict Angela

JC, Kaycee and Tyler are the Final 3

Tyler won Part 1 of HOH Jet Pack Attack

Kaycee won Part 2 HOH

UgotBronx 09-23-2018 08:56 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
:casey: There's a 3 days left till the FINALE!:casey:
:cheers: And only a few days left of the LIVE FEEDS !! :cheers:

I've worked hard to transcribe this season of Live Feeds.

I've work around some hiccups making sure you didn't miss the fun and/or critical information.

This includes posting images paired up to the text to give you the visual scenes as they happened.


If you appreciate and read the updates you can show your gratitude with a "tip/donation!"

:wave: Thank you to those that have already donated! :wave:

How to donate Go to paypal, select "send to friends/family" and put in my email addy Ugotbronx @ Gmail .com (remove the spaces )
Thank you ALL so very much!:cheers:

UgotBronx 09-23-2018 09:43 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
Hg's still :zzz:https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DnyvTAGWsAEe2Hb.jpg:large

UgotBronx 09-23-2018 10:25 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
lights on everyone sleeping be back later when they are awake

UgotBronx 09-23-2018 11:28 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
kaycee hand washed her comp clothes and is making breakfast now

UgotBronx 09-23-2018 12:54 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
Hg's got bandana's and shorts to tie dye


UgotBronx 09-23-2018 12:58 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
kaycee and JC are looking at how to do the tie dye

JC; did they give us the instruments

JC; i bit my tongue when i was jumping from the tingy it hurts so much


UgotBronx 09-23-2018 01:14 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
kaycee brought in the foam chairs from the bedroom to hang out in the kitchen with. she says they have no comfortable chairs


UgotBronx 09-23-2018 01:31 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
tyler JC kaycee still wondering who lied about what they did for a living


UgotBronx 09-23-2018 01:39 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
tyler; I cant believe they brought 2 people from hilton head.

JC: they really wanted that showmance to happen. they were trying hard

JC: one time i asked angela if she was in a showmance with bret. they weree getting way too close. i thought something happened

kaycee: why cuz you wanted brett

JC laughs.. you know people were waiting for 2 names to drop so they can talk

kaycee; that's what happened to brett and winston.



UgotBronx 09-23-2018 03:03 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
tyler out of Dr

BB: JC tot eh Dr

kaycee walking laps after running

JC: is it more questions? should i take my shirt?

Tyler; take it it;s right there


UgotBronx 09-23-2018 03:11 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
Kaycee and Tyler want to do a clothing line #Coast2Coast #Level6

Tyler that would be so sick.

kaycee yeah i got someone that makes the boxer's Pinellas merchandise

tyler oh yeah. that's so sick! coast to coast baby!


UgotBronx 09-23-2018 03:52 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
JC: whatever happens it's what meant to be.

tyler: that's right

JC; if she wins and picks you i will be happy for you

tyler and if she wins and picks you i will be happy for you

JC; i feel bad that i didnt do my part.... im definitely not going to go to her and tell her shit about you. im very confident that you are going to win nwo

tyler If kaycee gets the 1st one right then she will probably win

JC: shut up tyler

JC you know that if i wont that part 3 there is noway i wouldnt take you. we had our ups and downs but we always talked it out.. like an old relationship like take it out.

tyler: you confused them and took them out

JC; i always told them lies on thruways and i had to to just sit and not say anything

tyler: they said to me that JC is always confused when thrudays comes

they laugh


UgotBronx 09-23-2018 04:08 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
kaycee and tyler saran wrapped the table before doing tie dye

UgotBronx 09-23-2018 04:23 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
Tyler: are they supposed to be wet?

kaycee: im done!


UgotBronx 09-23-2018 04:52 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
kaycee making shorts tie dye'd and bandana

JC squirting shirts and just leaving it

kaycee we should all wear tie dye shirts for finale

JC; that will be like a circus


UgotBronx 09-23-2018 04:56 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
JC making an initial shirt

tyler; throw it in the crowd

tyler: you knw it's going to be backwards on the back you realize that no?

kaycee laughs


UgotBronx 09-23-2018 07:08 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18
Jc tyler and kaycee still story telling, reminiscing and random chatter in the kitchen

Heading off

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