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UgotBronx 11-04-2016 05:59 am

Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
Scott evicted 3-0

Shelby won HOH BBOTT Freshman Class

*Julie Chen told the HG's next week is a Double Eviction*

Jason won America's Care Package Co-HOH

* Each HOH will nominated 1 person and if their nominee comes off the block they get to name the replacement *

**Safety Ceremony: each HOH will name 1 person for safety and then come down and say why they nominated that one person**

***In the event of a tie at the Live Eviction the HOH that did the best in the POV will break the tie ***

** Have not voting has been cancelled. Jason getting CO-HOH means the only 3 left to be have nots are Alex Morgan and Danielle ** HG's will find out tomorrow

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 06:05 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
What to know

Shelby wants to nominate Jason and/or Justin and feels Danielle is the one she can trust the most on that side and work with

Alex wants to keep Justin in the house and target either Jason or Kryssie

Morgan has be on a mission to bring Whitney back into the ball smashers in case she wins ACP

Whitney has broth forth some information on the dynamics of the other side of the house on who trusts who more

HG's being told aobut the Double Eviction has them a bit shook

Kryssie has told Jason that they can throw Danielle under the bus to the Ball Smashers to save them but that Justin is also not to be trusted

1pm America's Care package reveal

7pm Daily Recaps

7:30pm Live Diary Room Sessions

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 06:06 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
Thank you for visiting Hamsterwatch Forum!

There's 1 month left for BBOTT and as always I will be updating the live feeds and events when possible.

However, due to ISP limitations I have to be careful to not go over so I wont have overage charges :cuss:

This series of BB has taken an incredible amount of bandwidth due to no blockage by CBS. This is great for all of us but bad for me being on a fixed income.

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Here's how:

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UgotBronx 11-04-2016 06:08 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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HG's :zzz:

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 07:04 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
i have work today i will try and be back in time for ACP reveal :wave:

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 01:01 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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ball smashers think julie chen is about 46 years old that she started hosting BB at @ 27

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 01:03 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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America's care package~!! :casey :

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 01:07 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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America's care package is for jason!!

jason thanks america!!

Smores.. best friend necklace cuz it's the co hoh!! safe for the week and share the HOH bedroom

Each HOH will make 1 nomination, safety ceremony details to follow., niether will play in the upcoming HOH and in case of a tie on eviction night whoever performs the best in the next POV will break the tie

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 01:14 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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Morgan we need to pick his brain before we make decisions

shelby yeah i need to talk to him too

Shelby maybe i can convince him to put up whitney and then whitney and justin will be on the block together..

Danielle on DE we put up shelby/morgan.. and then the next HOH shelby/whitney and then the 5 of us left..

BB jason to the DR

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 01:16 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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Alex Im worried

justin yeah im worried too

alex jason is going to put me up

justin yeah n doubt

alex and shelby is going to put you. up.. i'll try and convince shelby not to put you up and you can try with jason

justin yeah of course..

alex yeah it's going to be hard

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 01:19 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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Whitney they are going to throw me under the bus

jstin no.. me and danielle were doing the numbers and if it;'s us 5 then you will go up agaisnt shelby..

justin the week i want to win HOH is wek 7

whitney i think they are going to tell jaosn to put whitney up

justin he';s not going to listen to them he's going to put alex up

whitney you think so?

justin yeah.. and you need to make sure that you vote her out

whitney you know i will

justin they wouldnt even have the numbers to vote me out .. but they will ahve the numbers to vote danielle out.

whitney you think that jason will amke a deal with shelby

justin no. my side is so loyal we dont do shit like that

justin shelby will put up danielle

whitney im worried cuz alex is so manipulative

Justin you just need to win teh double

whitney im worried if you or I dont win it

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 01:22 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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justin the people in my group are terrified of you if you are in the last they think america will chose you.. and i dont think like that.. im like whatever america wants

whitney but danielle and jason

justin everybody.. i had to put up a front before.. we convinced her that week you were going to go home

whitney i know..

justin i was trying to get morgan out of here.. and america put scott up.. and i think america liked me looking otu for you..

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 01:25 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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Justin you just have to be positive

Jason the safety ceremony is that we each get to name 1 person safe.. and and then say who are our noms are and if one of our noms comes off we get to name the replacement

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 01:30 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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Danielle we have the numbers but it might be smart for you to nom me cuz america wont nominate justin..

Danielle we really ahve to think about this

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 01:33 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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Shelby morgan and alex up on the HOH landing

shelby this isnt that bad.. we can put up danielle

Shelby i save 2 people 1 each night

Morgan he might say danielle cuz she has a better chance of saving her self

shelby so we'll ahve to claim kryssie.. .. no that doesn't make sense.. danielle

Shelby the have nots.. the 1st person has always meant something..

Shelby we have to keep each other safe..

Alex it's more interesting the way you are doing it

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 01:35 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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Shelby justin needs to shut his mouth and not go around and say someone is going to put you up before up before he knows how the rules of the care package work

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 01:36 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
Shelby it will actually be funny with jason as co hoh

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 01:43 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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Shelby c'mon america.. i wanted this HOH so bad and it got 1/2 taken away from me.. please dont nominate one of us

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 01:50 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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Whitney can you guys explain the rules to me.. i tried to listen but i didnt understand

kryssie it;'s best that you go up danielle cuz you have been there america's nome and then if the have nots is anything to go by then they ahve bigger fish to fry before me and justin.. and they cant put up shelby so they will put up one from their side

justin morgan or alex

kryssie thank you so much america

danielle they threw us a bone.. we appreciate the shit out of that.. now we hav eto use it to our advantage

kryssie you have to act pissed.. we dont want them to know that we did that

danielle yeah it will make sure that it looks like he is closer to you 2

kryssie you have to act bad.. cuz anytime anything ahs happened to you you ahve acted adversely

Danielle we ahve to make sure that im the one to come down so we can backdoor someone.. or else it will be 2 of us up ther next to whitney.. and then we're fucked.. so we need one of them up there to make it a tie.. if one of us is america 's nom

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 02:08 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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Jason who wants to see my HOH room!!

Jason yes hooka's i get an HOH!!

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 02:15 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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Jason got a pic of Mya, letter from his mom, and nicki minaj music and warm buffalo wings! boxers

jason congrats on winning HOh .. thanks for the hand out america,,

im thrilled beyond measure yuou live eat drink BB . i miss you and hope yoou enmjoy your time dont chain smoke( jason yuou can tell this is an old letttr.er been there mom )

Mom ps i came to me that youa re the 13th person to enter the house and yoru bday is on the 13th so i hope that brings you positive vibes

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 02:19 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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Shelby i ahve to talk to him before i think about doing anything

alex is frustrated

Justin they aint taking out anyone from our wide

justin they aint going to take out whitney

danielle im willing to go up for the nom to make sure that someone is strong in pov.. and whitney will be safe.. so we ahve to save it to back door one of them .. so whitney ahs to be it.. i feel that i can talk to her.. and i can say i saved her.. and she will have no votes on her

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 03:23 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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Shelby i can see the comedy of them giving it to you but i wasnt coming for you.. they gave alex the package cuz they knew that kryssie was coming for her..

jason she was definitely coming for her

Shelby i have nothing with anyone in the house

jason i have nothing with anyone now either since scott is gone

shelby you think kryssie will beat you in finale

jason i dont know

shelby what about justin

jason for sure.. and having him in f3... isnt good for anyone..

Jason whitney's loyalty is more to morgan she's like the glue.. but i would think alex

shelby me and alex are tighter.. but i trust morgan more and i think i can beat her in the end..

shelby im not talking shade on anyone

jason no.. we are gaming

jason and i wont tell anyone on my side..

Jason it's best we co hoh.. you put up one of your players and i put up one of my players.. and then america's nom

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 03:25 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
jason and im worried about how danielle will take it no he's not they spooke and danielle volunteered to go up in hopes she wins veto and jason can BD ball smasher

Shelby ok.. im going to go down so people wont think we're plotting

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 03:52 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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HG's on outside lockdown

Jason talking about planes..

alex shelby playing pool

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 04:33 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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Lockdown over

everyone except justin is outside talking about cornbread and being on Honey boo boo

talk moves to HOH comp ..

danielle it was funny when jason went these are morgan's eyes

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 04:36 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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justin im so thankful feeling blessed a dn grateful im a little hungry but it's not that bad.. . i never looked forward to eating so bad.. i come from the city of flavor.. you hear me

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 04:54 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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general chatter..

justin inside pases morgan

morgan hey are you feeling ok?

Justin im good

morgan gets motrin

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 05:06 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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Shelby morgan in yoga room

shelby i want to ahve a respectful things this way when i ant to go to bed

alex yeah that's true

shelby we can only do Nsync charades in the HOH

alex ok

HG's on inside lockdown

Shelby we'll do face masks and we're going to wear the glow rings

morgan and ice cream!

UgotBronx 11-04-2016 05:07 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16
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Kryssie making justin's bed..

kryssie is sleeping in tokyo

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