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UgotBronx 04-02-2018 05:58 pm

Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
Double Eviction fall out and HOH Winner

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:15 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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Liv tonight was intense it was a double eviction all of a sudden im in control and in only ahve minutes to decide whos going up

johnny outraged. don't lie to me mady is not touching that block!

Liv you have to work to get her to not go after me

johnny DR ,maddy is a number for me and a vote for me in the end

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:16 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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Liv i didnt promise maddy anything but im working with ali and erica and i said i wouldnt put maddy up

Ali you need to talk to erica i dont know .. you guys talkl

Liv taking a shot at hamza i know erica and liv will forgive me but johnny will not

Liv this is my opportunity to get out hamza.. now i have to talk to eveyrone to make sure i got the votes to do it

Will 100%

Liv if i dont put you up you ahve to vote how i want

maddy of course

liv DR backdooring mhamzza is a great nom and nominated me 2 weeks agho.. karma's a bitch

Liv the mood in the house is super depressing.. he didnt die he just left teh house

Ryan that kid deserved his shot

erica yeah no kidding

merron no one in this house mad me feel that comfortable

Erica he was a huge rock to me and he always had my back im really agitated.. how did that benefit us again.. we ahve 2 big targets. we just threw away our only shield.. that was so dumb

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:17 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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Ali i get why eerica is mad anad i understand liv's game move but right now im stuck in the middle

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:19 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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Liv that was a lot of pressure on you

Liv it was .. i fetl that he was wild card.. and best for me

Ali i think that yoru gut said maddy and because johnny went off on you you did that

Erica i feel taht im going on the block

Ali i think we need to tidy up things

paras.. thee is so much drama going on right now but yu can count on BB to liven things up

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:28 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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Ryan a frat party in the house .. yeah there's more to that

Trevor you guys want shots?

maddy i do now that this is something to do with an HOH comp adn where people are situated in the room

Ali we were left with Tshirts and booze..

merron im not drinking this.. please wake everyone up.. they are so drunk.. im sober but im going to play drunk!!

Will tonight is the best night by far

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:29 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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maddy Liv asked me to clean ehr glasses with her it's time to get info from her

Liv myteam wanted me to put you up and johnny was freaking out.. and i only trust 3 people in the game.. and one of them is yo

maddy yeah good..

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:31 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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liv erica's original plan was you and merron and i went up to erica and said why not get veronica out.. and what i'll tell you is to keep paras at bay

maddy DR i will tell you what you want to hear.. but youa re rediculous to think i will ever turn on paras

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:32 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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HOH About last night true or false step up or down.

1st 4 out will be have nots for the week

Will are you serious!!

Will im so mad it's not even funny!

maddy it's critical for me to win this HOH

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:34 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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1) the banner in front of the dj booth read dj frat False reads HOH

Ali i cant listen to gagging sounds it will make me sick!

Will im going to die

2) the frat boys that did the worm was the last dancer in the dance off

erica i dont want to win this comp cuz the target it large. True kaela out

3) the DJ yelled party foul before dance off true everyone right ali out

4)frat boy who handed you drinks was wearing a head band False everyone right

5) a frat boy passed out on the couch before you all had a shot truye derek ryan will paras johnny out

maddy it comes down to me and erica and the girl who put me on the block adn the last person i want to win hoh

6) All of the shots you were giving were delivered on one platter

Erica i cant beleive im in this again. she cane come after me false both correct

7) the frat boys throwing football were wearing the same tshirt

Fasle Erica wins HOH!!

Erica that was a guess and BB gods are on my side

merron ali kaela

Erica has to pick the next one

erica johnny i love you

Ryan i love you buddy

Johnny eff off

Erica this is my 2nd HOIh in 2 weeks. i ahve to think what is best for my game cuz i dont think it's a repeat of lasdt week

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:35 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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HOH reveal Video from her brother Evan

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:37 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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maddy ive been playing to erica's ego for a week now

Erica i think we have similar games. but we are playing on opposite side.s. id

Maddy it's too late though to change up

erica it;'s never too late

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:37 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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have nots johnny dresses up with tons of clothes to sleep in the ahve not room

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:41 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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ryan you want to send a floater home to reduce the target off your back. but that wont happen.. ypower players take out another power player.. floaters can take out both.. i know you want to put me on the block and it's a bloodless nomination.. and you know i ahve your back.. and to you it's a detriment

erica DR a player like ryan is always someone i worry about

paras mocking Liv being spoiled she wants a spa day

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:43 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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Erica and ali haaave wendy's hoh time

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:44 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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Ali im worried about paras.. this back and forth that she does is not good

erica we just need to pout her up next to someone that she will go home over

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:49 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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Johnny you trust me more than ali.. i feel weird.. and i freaked out on liv that maddy was being put up

Johnny i want to make sure that down the road that it;'s erica and I and not eerica me ali and liv

johnny liv told maddy about how i was upset..and ali is making deals

Erica she is working hard and its not like i dont see it

johnny it pisses me off

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:51 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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Erica the party line is that you are pawn central.. anyone sitting next to you they go home

merron but will has won as many vcomps as me and he's liked by everyone in the house

Erica Will has a social game and that might be more dangerous than merron..

merron dont put me up think aobut it alright

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 06:54 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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paras im going to plant some seeds to erica cuz she is a paranoid person.

paras are you worried aobut anyone in this house

erica i think ali/liv

paras they're screaming floaters and she is doing the same thing..

e rica you opened my eyes a bit

erica the person taht will come for me will be ali

paras if you want i will ahve yoru back

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 07:01 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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Erica last week as hoh i went out with guns blazing.. and put the target on my back do i take out a floater or go for a big threat

Erica floaters are a danger zone. any target siting next to them is going home

ryan im not truing to ruffle feathers and the house cna get o board with him on the block

will is playing an aggressive social game and cuz he's good with everyone im not sure that he is good with me

merron is good he's escaped the block twice now

ali is one of my closets allies in the game and i have been hearing alot of talk about her this week and its making me worry about trusting her the way i do

UgotBronx 04-02-2018 07:02 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 4/2/18
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Erica I nominate

Ryan and merron

Ryan a brain like yours can be seen as a wild card..

merron you escaped the block twice and anyone sitting next to you is going home and that;'s not good for my game

ryan i feel good sitting next to merron im going to go out and win that veto

merron im on the block a 3rd trime and just know erica if im here and i win hoh im going after you eerica

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