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UgotBronx 07-05-2018 05:55 pm

Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
Tyler HOH

Steve and Sam are on the block and up for eviction

Will Sam use her BB Store App power to save herself?

UgotBronx 07-05-2018 06:01 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
Julie a house divided a showmance in bloom sounds like the perfect way to start off the summer

UgotBronx 07-05-2018 06:04 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
To the forum readers we have had renical difficulties and I can not post pictures with tonight's posts. Thank you for understanding

UgotBronx 07-05-2018 06:07 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
Julie Sam's power is if she is evicted she ill have to win a competition on Live TV to get back into the house

Sam I hope i dont get evicted but if i do i will use that power to stay

Steve: fessy doesn't use th veto and im disappointed but it's ok i have the votes to stay

tyler: I dont want sam to go i need to get the votes for her to stay so she doesn't use the power

chris: im telling you

kaitlyn: we have the votes

Steve: Ive done all i can as an undercover detective and come friday I will be here for roll call come friday morning.

UgotBronx 07-05-2018 06:09 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
BB: Robot on line

Sam: Im the 1st every robot on the block and ive come up with strategy that im going to make everyone think im valuable like their mama

SaM: in a bikini

Sam carting JC around

JC and Sam Wedded

JC: i wnat to keep sam cuz i think she will do whatever i want

UgotBronx 07-05-2018 06:12 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
hal: you make me nervous

Fessy: why?

haleigh DR: Fessy is cute and he's trouble

Fessy : haleigh doesn't want to get close to me and that makes me want her more

hal: we can have a lowmance

kaitlyn: i notice Fessy hanging with hal a lot more and i dont know what to make of it

tyler : listen dude im telling you now it's goig to be a good week

Angela: Steve didnt come to me and aks me how i felt

rachel: he didnt com,e to me either

Angela: if i was on the block I would go to each person to keep me

tyler: Trying to get that 7th vote so we dont use that power.. I dont want to expose the level 6 alliance

tytler: kaitlyn will be the easiest to get pulled in

UgotBronx 07-05-2018 06:13 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
Fessy: I want to talk to you.. i feel taht everything is meant for a reason

hal: STOP! there is time for that.. you and I are not here for that.. Im going to go to bed.

Haleigh: DR It's like devil vs angel. he's cute and you are in the house for 3 month what are you going to do?

UgotBronx 07-05-2018 06:17 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
haleigh and fessy make out under teh covers

hal: DR My mom is going to kill me

kaitlyn who is in here? it looks like they are having sex/

Kaitlyn: DR I literally cant.. if they want to be with each other. it's so bad.. just so bad,

kaitlyn: fessy can can you get up adn tell me where my $85. bracelet is at?

kaitlyn is upset they are together she goes to tyler

kaitlyn people are pairing up scottie/steve, chris /bayleigh keeping same could be best for my game

kaitlyn to tyler: if he =gets into a showmance then he's not gonna have his mind on me and he wont keep me over her.

tyler: this couldn't happen any better. she can come over to our sie

tyler to kaitlyn: you are on the bottom of their list.

UgotBronx 07-05-2018 06:22 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
Talk to the 2 nominees

Live vote and eviction

Final statement

Steve: shoutouts: ive been siting her trying to think of something to try adn sway your vote. truth is i cant say enough bout sam or you guys if i can help your game if not i hold no ill will god bless and i hope in have hyor vote

Sam Hi mom I love everyone on this couch and steve and robot you are all right too. this has been a big thing for me and each have touched my heart and i dont ant it to end yet if i ge to stay longer we get to hang out and do stuff and maybe i wont have to be a robot

UgotBronx 07-05-2018 06:24 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
VTE = Vote to evict

Scottie VTE Sam

JC VTE Steve

Swaggy VTE Sam says 1 down

Bayleigh VTE Sam

Rachel VTE Steve

Kaycee VTE Steve

3-3 tie votes commercial

UgotBronx 07-05-2018 06:30 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
Fessy VTE Sam

Haleigh VTE Sam

Angela VTE Steve

Brett VTE Steve

Winston VTE Steve

Kaitlyn VTE Steve

Angie VTE Sam

Steve has been evicted 7-6 :casey:

UgotBronx 07-05-2018 06:31 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
Julie with a vote 7-6 Steve you are evicted from the BB house

Chris and bayleigh have dropped mouths!!

Winston dont take it personal

Steve no i wont it's ok

UgotBronx 07-05-2018 06:34 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
Sam thank you everyone and i love everyone as a group!

JC I cant deal with this

Sma thanks angela and rachel thank you thank you

Chris gets up and walks away and fessy joins him

UgotBronx 07-05-2018 06:40 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
Steve with Julie on the stage

Julie; how shocked ar yo?

Steve: Im shocked

Julie: you looked confident

Steve: yes i was more than confident that was mistake # 1 . i thought i ad an alliance with the bros and swagy's side.

julie you were told you had an alliance?

Steve: yeah I was fooled. I played off that they felt i was the big father.

Julie : you lied to them about being a cop but yet you talked to them a lot about cop detail

Steve: yeah

UgotBronx 07-05-2018 06:44 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
Julie as far as we know no one suspects you as a cop. why was it so hard to keep your mouth shut.

Steve: when you are an under cover cop you are only in it for a short amount of time.. when they start talking bout things that i want to be in i pull myself back from going into it

GB messsages

Chris: if you are watching this something went wrong

Brett: you played wrong. you went to the wrong team

tyler: if you see this i know you had to go up on the block i didn't want you to go home

Scottie: if you went home Im going to have to pick up the pieces and figure out when when wrong

Steve I think they are all great.. and i am not going to miss an episode

UgotBronx 07-05-2018 06:55 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
HOH Comp Land a job

Several sought after jobs in san brose. launch your ball it will be the salary of the job highest salary will win HOH

random order draw earlier

Scottie up 1st $40K

JC Street no job no salary eliminated

Brett out on the street zero

Winston 12K eliminated

Sam $50K in 1st place

kaycee $15K eliminated

Fessy street zero eliminated

kaitlyn $80K 1st place

Angela Street zero eliminated

Bayleigh Steet zero eliminated

Swaggy out zero..

Angie Street zero

haleigh Street out

rachel street

Kaitlyn wins HOH!!!

UgotBronx 07-05-2018 06:58 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18
Julie the robot and the Pinwheel of Doom are officially dead!

Sunday reveals Tops trending HG

Wendesday Special time at 8pm

Thursday live eviction

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