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UgotBronx 01-23-2019 04:31 pm

Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
Premiere night #1

12 Hg's entered the BB House

HG's had to pair up in teams of 2.

Only 1 person of the winning pair will be HOH

Pairs were Ryan and Jonathan, Joey and Ricky, Lolo and Tom, Dina and Anthony, Tamar and Kandi

Kato and Natalie were last pair however they are SAFE from Nomination and Eviction!

HOH- Drinks on US

Ryan and Jonathan won HOH Competition but there's a TWIST

Ryan and Jonathan must compete against each other and the loser will automatically be nominated which will be shown on Tuesday Premiere night # 2

Premiere Night #2

Ryan and Jonathan face off in part 2 of HOH competition

Ryan won HOH BlockBuster

Jonathan was automatically nominated

Ryan had to nominate 2 additional people

Ryan nominated Anthony and Tom to be on the block

Jonathan, Tom and Anthony are on the block and up for eviction

UgotBronx 01-23-2019 06:12 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
Announcer recap

UgotBronx 01-23-2019 06:20 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
Jonathan OMG Like that she just disappears!

ryan 3 noms! Anthony cuz she is so smart and tom you have to watch out for her he's a sleeper

Anthony: im super impressed with ryan he's doing what i would do nominating someone who is a threat

Jon: being on the block sucks but at least om on the block against anthony and tom plus i got a solid alliance behind me

tom: ryan put me on the block what do you do go up to him and chew him out? not that wont do

UgotBronx 01-23-2019 06:21 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
tamar: ryan went and put up tom? he didn't talk to us about that. uh un.. that's jonathans HOH ryan is just sleeping up there. you aint pulling that over on tay tay


UgotBronx 01-23-2019 06:23 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
Mooch: Trump never tweeted about me. even though i told him to knock it of i was alwaYS loyal to him. he's not going to turn on me i know a lot of people


UgotBronx 01-23-2019 06:25 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
tamar DR: Jonathan is playing us well not me cuz i see right through it

Lolo We need to get him out

tamar DR We might never get this chance again. we need to get him out


UgotBronx 01-23-2019 06:32 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
Nat DR: Lolo and I have a Final 2 so we have to think of a bomb name

natalie OMG how did i not check the room that is rule number one!

tamar: natalie coming in in here and sying that we have to make a f2

natalie i knew that you were in here

ATamar: im going to punch you in the throat

Lolo: dont say that to me. was that a joke?

Atamar: girl like yeah.. that is something i say so im joking..

LOlO : you have to see i dont know you from no where

tamar: yeah i was joking. and i dont care if you have a F2 everyone have a F2

Lol and tamar hug it out

natalie DR I have to just sit back. there si a lot going on and everyone thinks im stupid and im not stupid!




UgotBronx 01-23-2019 06:36 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
Tamar: they got something going on. I know they have a F2

Ryan up in HO with the girls

Lolo DR hey that was my guy once you are an olympian you are always team mates
tamar Nat and Lolo leave

Ryan: i think something is going on. I just might flip the script and win tomorrow and put one of them up

Ryan and jon in the kitchen

Lolo is heated thinking that Jon squeezed i and took her spot with Ryan

Lolo walks to the memory wall and flips their pictures off!

Ryan DR what was that?


UgotBronx 01-23-2019 06:42 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
ryan i dont want to pick lolo . she made that gesture and i don't know if she is again me or what is going on

POV Players Ryan Jonathan Anthony Tom Ricky Joey Lol Hosting

Ricky i dont feel like competing I dont want a target on my back

Veto- Celebrity Giddy - Up

Rock your horse back and forth. and put your gold bar on the horseshoe.. but you have to run back before time runs out



UgotBronx 01-23-2019 06:44 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
Veto Comp: Celebrity Giddy Up


UgotBronx 01-23-2019 06:46 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
TAom looks like ricky and I moved ahead of the pack. i just have to keep the momentum going


UgotBronx 01-23-2019 06:49 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
Tom I don't know what Ricky will do with the veto. i cant horse around here

Ricky wins Veto!

UgotBronx 01-23-2019 06:59 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
Ricky I didn't want to win, i wanted to lay low. now i have to figure out what am i going to do now

tamaar and kandi talking in the bathroom

kandi are we playing to win. im not going to anything

tamar; i just don want to ruin your position

Kandi: you are always saying that i did something when i didnt

tamar you did

tamar: i was having issues with my marriage and my career and you personally interjected yourself into that

tamar: i was at work and i was hearing you guys yiddle yaddling behind the stage

Kandi DR: tamar thinks that we werent happy she was there but we were

tamar: DR you try and be like you are here all nice and social. but you cackling and im not here for all that


UgotBronx 01-23-2019 07:01 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
Kandi that fact she is trying to make me this villian in her life is ridiculous!

Tamar breaks down in the DR and covers up her head while she is sobbing '

UgotBronx 01-23-2019 07:04 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
Ryan to ricky: can we talk for a second

Ryan I dont want any of the guys to go home this week. I need to talk to Ricky and give him the load down

Ryan: i was figuring that the girls might have an alliance..

Ricky really?

Ryan DR Lolo flipped me the bird and i want to get her on the block. what if the girls voted out the guys

ricky if i use it you want to put up one of the girls?

Ryan: yeah i want to put up Lolo


UgotBronx 01-23-2019 07:09 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
Kandi: I dont want to talk about this while we're in the house. i dont want it to get emotional

and I dont want it t be petty

tamar: petty? we aint going to get past this till we make a bond

Kandi" i dont think that she is going to get past this

tamar: Ok Kandi we'll hug it out now cuz we have to settle this

Ricky tells Lolo that ryan wants to put lol up cuz they have an all girls alliance I thought we were good

Lolo: Ryan wants me up cuz he thinks there is an all girl alliance?

Lolo to nat: now he's fucking with me game


UgotBronx 01-23-2019 07:15 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
Ryan I hope that ricky will use the veto and i can put up lolo and start picking off the girls

ricky i have decided not to use the veto. no one came up to me and made a strong enough offer. and i decided that getting t the blood on my hands wasnt worth it.

Ricky DR none of the people up there are worth saving right now. having the veto helped me make relationships

tom: Ricky didnt use the veto on me it's like my real life.. disappointing

Jonathan. i have to make some moves here

LolO: i don't know who i can trust.. if ricky is telling the truth then maybe it's time for jonathan to go home

UgotBronx 01-23-2019 07:19 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19
That's it till Friday's Eviction Show! :wave:

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