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UgotBronx 10-05-2016 06:57 pm

Live Eviction Show Wednesday 10/5/16
LIVE EVICTION SHOW! :casey: follows right after Recap show

UgotBronx 10-05-2016 08:01 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Wednesday 10/5/16
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Daneole to my son i love yo.. hg's thank yo for allowing me to get to knw you. i enjoyed each and one of you i hpe you vote to keep me.

Cornbread my friends i want to tell yall i ahd a ball hope yo keep me we'l;l; have more fun. my game is transparent what you see what you get keep me and i got everyone's back

Kryssie nobody wants to be here 2st week i know emotionally i showed up late to the aprty.. and its too early to make enemies.. and im not done yet.. lets keep america happy by doing the right thing

UgotBronx 10-05-2016 08:05 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Wednesday 10/5/16
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Neelye VTE Cornbread

jason VTE Cornbread

Whitney VTE Cornbread

Morgan VTE Cornbread

Justin VTE Cornbread

Shelby VTE Cornbread BYE BYE!!

Scott VTE COrnbread

Alex time to create some paranoia I VTE Danielle **

Shane VTE Cornbread

UgotBronx 10-05-2016 08:10 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Wednesday 10/5/16
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Monte BB is tallying the votes i will get the votes now

Monte kryssie you are safe

Bye a vote of 9-1 Cornbread you have been evicted

Cornbread got up and walked out the door no hugs for anyone..

Cornbread on the way out Fuck y'all

UgotBronx 10-05-2016 08:18 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Wednesday 10/5/16
Sign up for CBS ALL ACCESS and watch the LIVE HOH Competition by clicking on the banner on the top of the page or CLICK HERE

Also you can follow the live feed updates and HOH coverage over HERE

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