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UgotBronx 03-14-2018 03:34 pm

Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
Ryan won HOH

Ryan nominated Andrew and Hamza

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 08:47 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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Ryan i nominated the 2 people im closest to buecasuse the house is agsint them. i ahve to think long term and put my 2 closest allies on teh block. i dont want them to go home and i ahve a plan for them to not go home

hamza i said i i wanted to be put on teh block so i wouldn't be backdoored.. lets play BB

Andrew i knew i was going to be nominated the big beard told me but i dont want to go home . im a little humbled and im really annoyed and personally speaking ryan this is a low move.. and i was wrong ryan

Ali i dont know what he's trying to say to me i was in this spot last week. so i dont know..

Andrew i ahve to talk to ryan..

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 08:48 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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Andrew man i thought we were good

Ryan yuou ahve to win veto. i want you to win it..

Andrew DR i want andrew to win pov and replace him with Olivia she's super smart and a threat to my game

ryan andrew i need you to ahve trust in me

andrew yeah

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 08:49 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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Jese what do you think aobut ryan

ali i think he is a man of his word

hamza im enjoying that im this side of the house

andrew what the dark side

andrew i trust him cuz he has a beard

hamza him putting both of us up is risky.. one of us win veto and we gop from there

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 08:51 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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POV pick

Ryan Hamza Andrew Johnny Jesse Erica Ali hosts

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 08:56 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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Ryan if you win this you put 3 or 4 comps on your back.. yu can show out but you cant take it down

Ryan people see you as very strong and you add comp wins to that it's a problem for yo.

ryan DR erica seemed to beleive me there is only 1 more bowling pin to knock over

Jesse ryan telling me to throw veto makes no sese he's up to something

Johnny why would ryan say no go for veto

Olivia he's going to BD someone.. we ahve to ensure it for ourselves

Ryan "hey kids"

Ryan no matter what happens just stick to the plan

Olivia every sticks to the plan and [lays for veto

ryan it doesnt matter.. it's probably for everyone if they pull themselves off the block.

kaela im confused

Ryan i think that people will hurt themselves in the game if they put a target on their back.. ive seen 26 seasons and the backdoor doesnt work. the plan is the plan is the plan..

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 08:57 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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ryan alright im going to head out..

The room was silent the whole time

Ryan to Andrew no matter what you hear i am still working with you and im trying to clear the path and whoever is sitting next to you is going

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 09:02 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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Eric that is sick!~!

erica we walk into the new Tomb raider set. im ready to go full on laura Croft beast mode

Ali you must free yourself anad pick up your bow and arrow and hit your 12st piece and then go thru the jungle to get your other pieces and then put your puzzle together .. the 1st player to unlock the tomb will win POV and a screening to tomb raider and $5000

Ryan earlier today i thought that i had these guys to throw the comp but $5000 is a lot to these people the plan is out the window

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 09:04 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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Erica i want to win the pov not only cuz i like competition but my bank account can use the $5000 but when someone tells me to not win the comp i want to win it that much more

Erica 1st to hit her target and looks for puzzle pieces

Johnny Andrew and Ryan cant hit the tartgets

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 09:07 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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HG's are getting pelted with nerf balls

erica you can only take 1 puzzle piece at a time. so im thinking im going to find aas many as i can so i will use less energy to scramble over the wall

Erica im the only girl and we can compete not only better but BADDER

ryan is wheezing over the wall ..

Ryan DR BB what do you expect a fat man to do

Andrew i need hamza or andrew to win

Andrew is laid out

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 09:08 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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Ryan andrew you ok? you can do this man

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 09:10 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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Ryan now that andrew is out of the comp i need hamza to win

Erica is working on ehr puzzle last piece

hamza there is no way erica is taking that from me

Erica i ahve to get this on the 1st go

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 09:12 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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Erica gets POV on her second try!!

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 09:13 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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Erica im so excited to show the boys whats up tomb raider is aobut a power house and that is me right now!

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 09:16 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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Cast from Tomb Raider Alicia Vikander and Walton Goggins speak to the Hg via taped message

You have successfully won the POV and on behalf of the croft estate we are giving you $5000

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 09:17 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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Ryan erica winning the veto ruined everything that i set in motion it's going to take a while to get over this

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 09:19 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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Hasbro party Twister

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 09:22 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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paras the twister party was fun it was fun getting close to jesse

paras jesse is not the type of guy i go for.. but i like laughing with him

jesse paras has a fun personality and i jive really well with her.. but for my game having a public showmance is not good..

jesse we could never do anything.. that would suck eh?

paras yeah i think it's smarter though

jesse it;s nto fun .. that's the worst thing that could happen we jsut have to keep it chill

Paras i dont know what to think. i just hav eto keep my eye on the prize

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 09:26 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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ryan they put that $5000 out there and i thought that the plan i had would work but there are people that i talked to that made me believe they would go with my plan .. now i have to try and get someone to take you off the block

hamza erica?

Erica you are not going anywhere.. we have the numbers..

hamza i think that andrew should stay in the house

erica why cuz he;'s a target.. no we dont need him but i dont mind him staying in the game.. look i know you are hamza and you are super cool and all but dont worry. I got you .

hamza and erica have a hug

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 09:30 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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Ryan if thee is a move to be made would you make it?

Erica for who? like using the veto? on who

ryan i dont care im saying if im saying i can put someone up that we can get out

erica depends who if i think i can get someone out later then i dont think i would use it

ryan what aobut maddy?

Erica Andrew will go over anyone

Ryan if you want o make a power move and get out a power player over andrew.. you should do it

Erica i will think about it

Erica you should be happy with how you did Andrew

Andrew i know we have had ups and downs

Erica yeah im taking my emotions out of the game..

andrew i would be in yoru corner if you took me down

Erica to me this friendship is 100 legit i can see you are loyal trustworthy.. im going to take it all into consideration and whatever i do is for my game

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 09:36 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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Erica I can use the veto to save Andrew or hamza or leave them the same

Andrew's been a friend of mine trust has been lost when i kicked him out of the HOH 1st.. but i dont know if that is a bridge i want to burn. and hamza i have a trust with him but the house wants them both on the block

ryan if Erica doesnt use the veto im screwed

Erica I ahve earned the power to veto one of them

Andrew Erica you know i got love for yo given you meals.. and hugs and i would be happy if you would put the veto in my hands

hamzaa you earned the veto congrats and thee's more episodes of hamza in the cams.. to come

UgotBronx 03-15-2018 09:37 am

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18
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Erica I have decided to not use the veto.. it's your game play that has landed you in this position.. and i have decided to respect ryans decision and the consensus of the house

Andrew i feel betrayed and a feel like a sucker

hamza this is going to be a nice break it's going to be unanimous and im staying

ryan im screwed.. im a duck on the surface calm on top and furiously paddling under neath..

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