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hamsterJune 17, 19 & 20, 2006 - Pre-season

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Boogie oogie oopsie

In what seems to be a day-early slip, BB2 Mike Boogie has posted on his website that he's in the 20 and he's begging for votes

The domain was only just registered the other day but seems legit.. the site has a Quicktime video in which Mike says he's one of the chosen 20 "as you may have seen on Wednesday's broadcast".. he also says BB2 Will will be on board.. oops

Finalists can be disqualified if they let the news leak out before Julie says so, but BB4 Alison did the same thing on her site back in April.. hmmm

Mike's site also admits that his stint on BB2 was largely a marketing opp for Belly, the restaurant he co-owned at the time.. he's now partners with Ashton Kutcher and other tv celebs in several trendy SoCal eateries - maybe producers think celeb namedropping will translate to ratings

Update The site's homepage is down - maybe he got his hands slapped for leaking.. the video's still there though, use the above link.. likely the other pages are still there too but I didn't grab any other URLs

Sequester? Maybe.. maybe not

Finalists have been told they'll be sequestered at the end of the month - why? It can't be to prevent them finding out voting results: those will likely be clear early on through various polls around the web and possibly CBS will even post results as we go

It can't be to discourage early alliance-making & strategizing: that's likely been underway for some time, and will surely pick up when the 20 are officially unveiled

Since it was revealed Monday that the move-in show will be pre-taped, my guess is "sequester" means "moving in" this year, and once again the feeds will begin on actual day 4 or 5, and once again we'll miss much of the good stuff: bed scrambles, getting to know you (again), comparing notes on their seasons.. not to mention first HOH comp, plea bargaining, nominations & fallout, etc etc

We may also miss script rehearsals and fight practice - if you subscribe to the unreality theory for BB7, anyway - it would make sense they'd go in early for that

Early move-in would also mean they'll once again be safely tucked away during the annual big 4th of July party at the studio lot where the house is located - locals might want to attend this event and see if they can snoop around

What if the public doesn't care?

David Letterman hasn't shown any interest in "Big Brother" since the first season when there was "a stripper in the house!" but Jordan was kicked out second and Dave gave up on the whole thing, except when he's required to book the boss's wife for her annual promo visit

Even though he doesn't follow BB, he spoke for many of us on Monday night's show

Letterman: Explain to me about this "Big Brother", what don't I understand about the "Big Brother"? Tell me, what am I missing on this? It's some kind of all-star? I don't get that.
Chen: It is complete strangers, locked away from society in a house together.
dingo: Complete strangers? She's using BB3's script
Chen: It's just like "Survivor" but in this house.
Letterman: Now see, this part I understand. That part I understand..
Chen: And the public gets to see everything they do in this house.
dingo: Everything?? A new twist this year??
Letterman: So anyway, I'm confused again. The first episode of the big all-stars thing is Wednesday night, is that right?
Chen: This Wednesday night it's a casting special so you'll get to see which 20 people from previous years are being brought back, and then the public gets to vote. We're asking the public to go online and vote for who they want to see back in the house.
Letterman: And what if the public doesn't care?

Addendum New scoop on my leaked lists research - Lisa is now doing a chat but on June 27, a bit late for active campaigning I'd think.. however Marcellas is doing one June 22 and he responded to the announcement with "Get it out there!"

The Real deal

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Be sure to check back here Wednesday when the official list of 20 is unveiled.. and for a Hamsterwatch early bird surprise or two as well

Gimme a B! Gimme another B!

Big Brother isn't enough like high school yet - now they want a pep rally

CBS News interns have been assigned the questionable task of organizing fans into teams to cheer for pre-assigned hamster possibles and wave silly signs on "The Early Show" according to a recruiting plea received by BigBrotherLink.. the rallies start June 22 in NYC and run each voting day through June 28.. breakfast is included for sign wavers

The interns find out who their hamster candidates are June 19 - two days before Julie's reveal.. the potential for leaks is huge: CBS News interns are unpaid

More predictions

As long as I've gone this far towards proving myself either a prescient genius or a babbling idiot, I might as well go for broke

I think this year we'll either have additional has-beens show up mid-season or we'll have evictee bring-backs: BB6 began with 14 and Kaysar got a second chance, and BB5 began with 13 and Ad/Nat split in two.. assuming the same season duration this year, we're very short on evictions since we're only starting with 12

Incidentally, Amy BB3 was the first BB bring-back.. she was on Leaked List #2 and is one who's been very busy on MySpace - maybe both leaked lists are legit

I'm 99% sure the board feuds underway all over the web are orchestrated in an effort to set up the "Good vs. Evil" theme or the dreaded (bite my tongue) twist for the year.. it has to be more than coincidence that a few unlikely names on Leaked List #1 are highly visible lately, and it's also suspect that after so much post-BB all is forgiven/friends forever hoopla by most, they (and their web minions) are suddenly turning on each other and fighting more than they ever did inside

Regardless of which details are correct or not, I think it's a given that All-Stars will be scripted/helped to a greater extent than we've ever seen before.. CBS & producers learned last year that they can get away with murder as far as editing what really goes on into something completely different for the air version.. so buckle up kids, it may be another bumpy ride

A nice pipedream would be for producers to turn the tables on all these pre-show shenanigans and foil hamster plans by splitting everyone into assigned Survivor-style teams when they move in - maybe males vs females - but I'm not counting on it.. I don't think the staff wants any surprises this time: surprises that go against predetermined storylines make editing difficult

I find it odd that the affiliated group of sites that had so many pre-season leaks of "official" pics, info, etc last year has got nothing this time around.. it's odder still that that same group of affilited sites is also behind the official sites of James, Dana, Erika and Ivette, along with Jun and.. Rachel?

Speaking of which, James' site is hosting something they're calling "Golden Grand Chat" on June 19 at 6pm BB time/9pm Eastern


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Chats are popping out all over! Jokers and James seem to be hosting most of them - battle lines seem clearly drawn except Howie who's bouncing between teams

Casting special airs on CBS June 21 at 8pm - online voting begins that night at 9pm BB time/midnight Eastern and will run for one week with daily rallies on 'The Early Show'

Hamster hopefuls may use "any reasonable means" to campaign their way back into the house.. note to hamster hopefuls: this space for rent

Move-in show is Thursday, July 6 at 8pm. It won't be live. Feeds will likely begin when it ends at 6pm BB time/9pm Eastern, or possibly when it ends in the west, 9pm/midnight (hopefully not 15 minutes into the show for the west like last year.) First HOH comp is usually endurance but will likely be long over when the feeds come on. BB will air Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday, all at 8pm

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