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hamster8/15/05 - Day 44

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Wowie Howie

Jennifer went through with it and put up Kaysar

Howie takes the opportunity to go off on April as promised.. it's a joy to behold

See today's link of the day for video
and for TD's BB6 Park version

Howie: Nobody's bothered to put you up yet cuz you're not worth nominating
April: It was a group decision, it's not just me!
Howie: Bullshit! You're gonna sit here for six weeks for minumum fucking wage!
Howie: You and your fat husband and your ugly dog
April: You look like a fucking idiot
Janelle: At least he doesn't look like a fucking liar
Howie: Did I break a BB rule yet? No, good
Howie: You're going out next week when I get HOH, and I will
April: I don't care!
Howie: You're a waste of a nomination and a vote! You're stuck here with me or you're stuck in sequester with me with no cigarettes
April: I don't care! I'm not here for the money!

It's nothing the rest of us haven't wanted to tell April for weeks - she's the only one in there I've seen no support or fans for - Kaysar keeps saying "shut up Howie" and finally guides him away but Howie continues ranting.. Rachel keeps saying "stop it Howie".. Janelle asks for her nail file back.. Maggie says nothing until it's over "that was mean"
Afterward in the many retellings it becomes Kaysar had to hold Howie back from hitting April, and Rachel was smiling through it all

Ivette shows up when it's over, conveniently.. last week's Evict Ivette Plan is danced around again, to no avail - the skewed lie version is a done deal now
Kaysar: I got here, I got a hug, I got thrown into a box.. I gave it to the girl cuz she was crying

April tells it over & over in HOH - the more she says she doesn't care, the more she cries.. the story and what was said begins to escalate
April: Janelle's just laughing her ass off, and Howie's like this in my face
April: I was afraid of him, I thought he was gonna hit me
April: Janelle's laughing and Rachel's smiling all through it

Howie's got no problems with what happened - he said last night he was going to do this - Jennifer's got no problem either, she's "turned the house upside down" just like she wanted.. Kaysar & Janelle see it all pragmatically.. Rachel is mostly silent, but she likes Janelle's shoes
Howie: If there was a competition stepping on ants she'd lose
Kaysar: I take it as a compliment, America liked the way I play enough to vote me back.. they're so afraid of the way I play they're voting me out again
Janelle: I'm gonna be the buxom blonde all over this house now
Janelle: when you're a buxom blonde you have to change your outfit periodically

James crawls out from whatever rock he's been hiding under and acts like he's above it all.. Ivette keeps buying it, or pretending to.. Jenn acts all buddy buddy with them
James: It's a holy war, everyone believes their side is right.. there's no winners, only survivors

Howie pops his head into the gym where the coven has gathered and sets them all off again.. April follows Ivette & James into the bedroom and continues ranting how she doesn't care - James obviously doesn't either
She's obviously forgotten how karma, the golden rule, etc work - she's done nothing but put everyone down viciously since she got there, each of them one by one - she just can't believe someone has the nerve to do it back to her, and in the open

The wonder support team has somehow left her alone - they're probably tired of it already - she goes sobbing into the bathroom, praying.. audio cuts to fishie gurgles but we're treated to her feet as she sits on the can feeling sorry for herself, for finally having gotten what she dishes out so easily.. (but remember, she doesn't care)

Round two

The quality of the feeds blows and we get hours of fishies but it's a good round when it comes.. sorry, no pics but see today's links for TD's BB6 Park version

Apparently they had their halfway pizza party tonight - timing is everything!

Everyone's a little drinky.. Janelle starts shouting to April, Jennifer & Beau "Golddigging slut! Whore! Hey Jennifer, isn't it weird trying out for 5 seasons in a row? Do you really think you'll break into the business like this?" April says to the crones "I can't say s-l-u-t or w-h-o-r-e cuz of my job" (I guess all her tales of her oral & anal escapades, her many tampon problems, and her nasty namecalling are ok with work).. April comes into the pimp room and lays hands on Kaysar

April: What's wrong with these people?
Kaysar: How could you watch Jennifer lie like that?
April: I don't want to give you any false hope but I promise to you that things will get reevaluated
Kaysar: April, how could you? James, who said so many bad things to you, and I crouched down on my knees for you

Jennifer & Maggie come to the door - the shouting carries

Kaysar: What's going on?
Jennifer: Just words
Maggie: Can we call it a night? And everyone separate? Kaysar, can you help me separate everyone?

Aftermath: Beau's pissy cuz Janelle called him black and a whore.. James is right in there, loving it.. April says Howie's got some nerve trying to date 18 year olds "he's a pedophile".. Beau continues his slow burn
April picks up Howie's picture and chucks it downstairs.. even Jennifer knows this is out of bounds and goes to pick it up, alerting Maggie on the way

Maggie & James head outside where she folds her arms & scowls as he tries to bullshit his way into the weeks ahead.. the bell rings and it's time for Round 3

Round three

Janelle & Howie walk by - she's got her Netflix prize card around her neck

She says "James, Maggie, please evict me"

They meet Ivette inside - Janelle goes to her knees begging, sorta
Janelle: Ivette I'm begging you, evict me
Ivette: You don't want to go to sequester Janey?
Janelle: No! God no!!
Janelle: Just evict me
Ivette: You and your plasma tv, huh?
Janelle: Yes! Just get rid of me, it's my time Ivette
Ivette: We'll talk about it tomorrow
Janelle follows Ivette around the house, then back to the kitchen - April's sitting on the stairs all this time

Howie starts in on her again - he says she's the Busted Blonde now but Janelle's still the Buxom Blonde.. Ivette tries to run interference but April gets a couple shots off (about his finger? I didn't know he had a finger problem).. Jennifer's walking around like none of this has anything to do with her, and like her partner isn't getting attacked.. Janelle keeps saying "evict me!"
Howie: You fucked with the wrong houseguest April, whatever it fucking takes!
Howie: Just another fucking day in the Big Brother house and I love it.. GAME THE FUCK ON!!

Aftermath of this round is lots more fishies - maybe Janelle & Beau shoved each other, I didn't see it - the reactions upstairs and down are quite different
Ivette comforts April & her thighs, but April starts over when the others arrive.. she's back to spelling "I can't say p-u-s-s-y or w-h-o-r-e or I'll lose my job! How dare he attack my dog! and my husband!" Jennifer doesn't seem too concerned about any of it

BB makes them separate to their corners - lights out at 11 for these naughty kids.. Janelle & her crotch read Bible stories to Howie, then she visits Rachel, James & Kaysar next door, and Kaysar comes back to visit
Janelle: I was reading the Bible in between courses
Kaysar: Courses?
Janelle: Trash talking
Kaysar: You sure wound them up
Janelle: Want me to read some more?
Rachel: You could read Sodom & Gomorrah
Janelle: No offense but I like trash talking better

It's practically a perfect day in the habitat and then Beau tops it off by puking in his angry nest on the HOH floor.. he brushes his teeth while Ivette showers (I think she caught a little splash).. he pukes a few more times for good measure
Pic on left courtesy of Amy's Bus Ticket at BB Chatter/BB Screencaps


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Thanks for nothing, Diary

Special Jennifer song dedication: Roses by Outkast, click to hear a clip

Hamsterwatches need to get on Real's case and make them provide the bandwidth needed for hot times: we are paying for this

Saturday's felt like a loooong show, almost a 'greatest hits' recap but that's what happens when you have a dull, dull 14 hour contest as the focal point. I'm not crazy about the James 'poor me' diaries but maybe somebody told him about Danielle's game and he revised his own (nobody's really buying his latest crap, are they?) I was happy to see Jennifer outted as the schemer she is, and that her Evict Ivette Plan was brought up again, accurately for the most part if not quite emphatic enough: that whole episode last week is key to the current dynamics of the house and especially the coven. They stooped even lower than me this time by presenting 'Beau's chocolate peepee' segment but otherwise they mirrored most of the highlights I've reported here, from Jenn's two dance segments to the various convo snippets featured. Not the most riveting show, but they didn't have much to work with either with these drips.

As good as good tv gets today. April, tell us just once more how you don't care.

Late night amendment from 'Who?' to trash-talking puker, but it's not enough to earn him ups - who wants to see him puking his guts out? With sound? Fabulous beau-beese.. puke it, beau-beese!

He said nothing that none of us (or them) haven't wanted to tell April for weeks now.. he's just the only one gutsy enough to say it out loud to her face - and make it funny for a bonus too! Go Howie!

She's behind all of this with her & James buying insurance policies from each other for the last month, but what's up with her having to have a new male role model to worship each week?

He's one step closer to winning now, thanks to Jennifer & the coven.. I only wish I could be there when they see the things he's said about them before he started emulating Kaysar and pretending he wants a clean game. Proud of your boyfriend now Sarah? Sure you are, you probably haven't seen the things he said about you yet.

She's gonna go full shred Buxom Blonde Bombshell and make the cows eat their hearts out - go Janey! Evening escapades were even more fun with her Jase-style Netflix sign and 'evict me pleeeeease' - it made the crones go 'tilt' and cracked up her fans too.

Caroline (Jennifer)
All the guys would say she's mighty fine
But mighty fine only got you somewhere half the time
And the other half either got you cursed out, or coming up short
I know you like to think your shit don't stank
But lean a little bit closer
See, roses really smell like poo-poo
Yeah, roses really smell like poo-poo
Crazy bitch
Bitch, stupid ass bitch
Old punk ass bitch, old dumbass bitch
A bitch's bitch, just a bitch

Today's rating courtesy of Outkast
click to hear a clip

He's toast again, but he's still America's Choice by 82%. Kaysar, if you're not fed up to here with them all when you get out this time, this is an open invitation to you to post here on Hamsterwatch.

The coven's 'leader' didn't stand up for poor April when Howie was yelling the truth at her - the best she could do was say 'that was mean'.. as if the things she & her cows do and say aren't mean? She's the poster girl for 'hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil' but she's in bed with it every night - evil loves hypocricy.

None of this would have happened if she'd not used the veto on herself.. maybe that's not fair cuz anyone would (except Marcellas) but it's still true.


She was too young & too naive to be in there but held up well considering she played with the boyfriend from hell. I'm glad she got out early and alive.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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