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9/1/04 - Day 62    >> to the future    >> dwell in the past    >> latest

Another day in hell

Feeders were treated to a mindfuck of our own today, when Dr. Gene Scott appeared on the feeds for a few moments

It turns out a lot of people aren't familiar with Dr. Scott: a pioneer televangelist and very tweaky guy who used to buy up overnight hours on local tv stations before Nick at Nite or Insomniac Theater were around.. you couldn't turn a tv on after midnight without seeing him there spewing the most bizarre stuff.. so it wasn't a total shock to have him greet me when I fired up the feeds - but it was just wrong to see him preaching silently where hamsters belonged, with fishies audio coming out of his mouth

It soon became clear that feeders were being lured into the Parannoyed Game going on in the house, as clues kept coming and odd things kept happening, and word spread that Thursday would have a special treat for the internet fans

I predict Scott's returning to the house tomorrow, possibly to emcee some silly competition to facilitate the double eviction said to be coming this week

Somebody's been sleeping in my bed

They are really messing with our poor hamsters' addled little heads

It's nonstop lockdowns now - inside, outside, inside, outside.. and every time something else has changed in the house or yard

The paranoia meter is in the red zone, so nobody wants to acknowledge they're losing their minds, but a few of them have caught on - which adds to the fun

Cowboy noticed some things missing (or did Karen tip him off?) and was the epitome of obvious as he looked around after each lockdown.. he's told Drew about the new game - but Drew hasn't told Diane, who's too involved in her own inner traumas to notice much of anything beyond the fact that she's being given a wide berth by everyone

Karen's on to the mindfuck game in a big way, to the point of filling newly-blank spaces with nearby objects and rearranging things herself just to throw the others off.. unfortunately that also throws us off as we try to play along at home.. Karen's filling in Nik with every detail as usual, so Nik still doesn't have to do her own homework.. As far as I know, Marvin and Adria are still in the dark about it all, and of course Drew - but at least he's been notified

The clues, as they may or may not truly be:
A floater was spotted by some feeders during euchre - and I don't mean alliances
I thought it looked pinkish but it was too quick for me to capture.. then outside lockdown (to scoop out the lil corpse we thought), and then a strange fishies sequence:

You know that little aggressive pinkish fishie? The one who's often throwing himself at the camera in a 'Help, get me the hell outta here!' kinda way? This was like a hamster 'action reel' that might air on a Tuesday show.. hmm.. pinky fishie.. pinky swears.. hmm

Fishies are almost always on two or four feeds - not one.. alternating spots..


Other weird shit:
Chickens wearing bandanas/mandanas (Scottdanas?)
The chessboard awhile ago, and after a lockdown today: the board itself (the polka-dot part) is gone.. this is what the guys were doing in the pic up top

Apparently the toaster's gone, also vases and/or flowers, the 'care pear' (no clue!), possibly a fern? Cameras added/removed outside, plus new/unusual angles inside..
one of the hammocks, but that could be for the giant skee-ball setup
Drew: What's this thing? (Marv said it's to grab pots - Karen said she hadn't seen it before.. can't trust what she says about all this though - she moved that blue vase there!)

Cowboy making his subtle <koff> post-lockdown inventory rounds
(note Natalie's bed is still prepared & waiting for her)

There may be something up with the living room - and not just cuz of euchre -
lots of close-ups and features of it on feeds today..
(you expect this on live-show Thursday, setting up shots, not dullsville Wednesday)

Same with the photo wall (Cowboy thinks so too.. one of his "Night Prowler" rounds)
(I think the second one is through a mirror - their pics aren't really flipped)

Let's not forget the sadistic siren electrocution toy, and dominoes for them to "practice" (for nothing?), and any number of things like that..

Call me crazy (dingo, yer crazy!) but I say it adds up to Scott coming in as the "special treat for internet fans Thursday" as announced on Housecalls

(or maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part.. he'd liven things up again!)

And now back to our story

Drew: Diary room filled me with all kinds of stimulus
Drew: Scratch my back
Drew: You don't know how to do it right.. do it like this..
Diane: I didn't know there's a way to do it right.. How come I never get a back rub?
Drew: We BOTH gave you back rubs! Cowboy and I both did. You always complain about everything as soon as it happens
Drew: I was thinking, you've kissed four different people in this house..
Diane: No I haven't
Drew: Count them
Diane: You, Scott and Marvin.. three
Drew: And Karen
Diane: You were egging me on for that one! It doesn't count
Drew: Little slut
Diane: You're the only one I care about

Euchre, euchre, euchre.. Adria, Adria, Adria..
Diane: I had my towel on yesterday..I think it bruised me under my arms

The condom volleyball committee play-tests new recipes
Marv: This one's water, but this one's gel, try it.. it's got a good bounce and feel

Karen works and works out while the others nap
to Nik: Tee hee, we noticed it first
to camera: Did you see me move that container out there?

Afternoon body count:
Drew's channelling Scott's spirit.. unflattering Diane shots keep coming at us

Karen fills Nik in the latest plan updates (Nik isn't as good as Marv at mental math)..
then she avoids another disaster/omen by noticing Cowboy's photo is about to fly..
and finally begins the long evening Adria marathon

Drew gets all passive-assertive again, hardcore! He shoots and scores! Twice!
Karen takes it inside while Adria packs.. Nik sets yet another fashion trend
Drew (to Diane): I had a bad dream.. it's weird when you wake up and can't separate dreams from what's really happening..
Adria: You got what I need?
Drew: I always got what YOU need

Diane tells the guys she's "parannoying", bitches about Karen & Adria still talking, bitches about Jase/Scott/4H alliance.. - BOOZE!! - Marv slams a beer in two gulps and starts another.. Diane tries to find a comfy spot without much luck..
Diane (to Marv, Cowboy, Drew): Two of the fucking 4 horsemen are still here!!
(uh yea.. you are talking to them.. oops)

Adria & Karen still bonding as Adria packs.. she gives Karen one of Natalie's shirts

Drew & Diane approach each other awkwardly, and ease into their special foreplay:
Drew plays Break Your Neck and then Break Your Back with her.. she responds, and counters with Dump Your Hammock
(unfortunately this doesn't qualify for the Amy/Holly/Marvin hammock-dump club:
it has to be self-inflicted)

Drew makes a discovery.. Adria makes Cowboy smile.. Marvin euchres..
and Karen explains Diane's behavior to Drew - having been present during her teary breakdown about her dad (Drew was there too, but.. well.. he's Drew)
Drew: Hey Cowboy! Do you think there's an internet camera behind the mirror? I don't think so.. hey what is this shit?? That's disgusting! (he leaves the room)

Diane & Nik aren't happy about plans for an Adria sympathy vote..
Cowboy continues his inventory rounds in the What's Different? game
Nik: I'm so pissed off I'm dizzy

Diane has put on a pound or two in there.. Drew gets a boner (or channels
Scott some more).. the kissy-kissy-jerky-jerky crowd does their thing
Diane: My dad has the shortest fuse in the world.. I get it from him

Big ups to everyone visiting the site, and especially those who've taken the time to say hi - it's much appreciated!

If Adria had been one of the items to go missing today, it's very possible nobody would have noticed til Julie says 'hello houseguests' tomorrow. Her seeds continued to thrive today as Diane cracked a little more, and Adria scored points on several 'big picture' fronts - being one of the few who seems to be able to look ahead to the final vote. She & Karen shmoozed each other for several hours (hard to say who's working whom, or if either's falling for it), and Adria dazzled both Cowboy and Drew a bit with her grace under mob rejection. She joined the group for dinner, but otherwise remains an outcast, and is likely going home tomorrow via unanimous vote.. unless some of her last-minute fancy footwork - and Karen's - plays into the mass paranoia and pays off. She never played euchre with the others.

Cowboy's just one of those on again/off again people. Today he was off again, back to just being there.. except for the comical way he crept around looking for differences after each lockdown. And strangely enough, he found some! ..and promptly ran off to confuse Drew further with the odd bits of info. There's always a chance even a 'pond' could walk the plank to Julie's boudoir.. and I don't think Cowboy even packed today.

Diane's so rattled now she doesn't know whether to salvage her messed up relationship with Drew or her game.. both are probably out of her reach now anyway. She's nervousing about her boy straying and parannoying about her minions whispering.. now it turns out they are all in cahoots to possibly keep Adria without even letting Diane in on it til it was decided. Marvin may be her one remaining potential ally - too bad she told all those lies about him victimizing her: they will get back to him when the time's right. She's gonna go ballistic when she discovers the missing items and that she not only didn't notice them, but was kept in the dark by those who did. Fun days ahead!

On the ups, grudgingly. He's getting tired of Diane's shenanigans now that he can finally feel a twinge of suspicion about them. That doesn't stop him from kissy-kissy jerky-jerky at bedtime - but it is giving him the spare time for Adria to flirt with him a bit, and of course he falls for that too! Today our little boy in a big boy's body looked bewildered that people he was hanging with had put conscious thought into organ donation; and he said (on Day 62, mind you) 'Do you think there's an internet camera behind the mirror? I don't..' Good laughs today, ya zit-popping putz.

Double ups for the wacko chick, and wild applause! The crowd goes wild!! I'm now officially in awe of this woman - she's been putting ducks in a row for weeks, and today they all started quacking home to her. After a long day at work and hours with Adria, she confab'd everyone in there in a last-minute post-curfew frenzy and made a major dent in each of their overtaxed brains (I think she missed Marvin - unless I did - but they are buds and he's an easy catch-up.. that's all cool & the gang.) She's playing the What's Missing game exactly like she's playing the bigger game: she caught on early, told the ones she thought needed to know, covered up the evidence to prevent more of them discovering it easily, and then turned the tables on the game-players. AND came up with this gem, about why she doesn't want to be single: 'I wanna wake up next to somebody on Christmas.'

I'm still worried about Marvin, but not as much as yesterday. Thanks to Diane's meltdown and Karen's busywork, there's a new glimmer of hope that he won't get bounced from behind next week after all. I'm still not writing off Marvin's smarts or thinking he hasn't played a part in all this - I just don't have the evidence. (I haven't seen the spyscreen on in his room this week either, but I have seen him sitting or lying in bed and staring in that direction.. a lot.) Marv's just staying neutral cuz he's still flying low - which means entertainment is also low.. and we've come to count on him for that! (He did use the word 'plethora' today though, and that's always good to hear.) I wouldn't be surprised if Marv & Karen are in serious cahoots.

Nik's an inch away from an upgrade.. I think her time for good tv is coming. Karen's been doing all her homework for her - and letting her take the credit - and that song is just about over. Nik got a shocker tonight when Karen told her that Adria should get at least a sympathy vote.. huh? Nik's archnemesis and pinky-swear obsessee Adria?? Bad enough she's still here this week when she could have been gone (hey, now that you mention it!) but now she has to have a sympathy vote too? Check it out Nik: one vote is just one less than a tie, and tie-breaker Marvin may be on Karen's team more than you are. Line of the night: Nik to Diane after the Adria vote alert 'I'm so pissed off I'm dizzy'.. hello? Have you seen Diane the last couple of days Nik?? I think she passed that stage about 48 hours ago.

Tuesday was a great show! Having skipped Saturday, they had a lot to cram into an hour, and they did pretty well on that front. They've always shown Diane in a not-great light, highlighting her selfishness, but busting her on tv for the blatant lies she's been telling the others - and that feeders are believing! - was nice to see, and probably guarantees Diane won't take 1st place if she gets that far. If the beached hamsters get to see the aired shows. The ice block competition was just silly and the frenzied circus-on-acid music accompaniment worse than usual.. but Karen gave a wonderful veto speech: from the heart, not slick or stiffly rehearsed, and full of valid points that I bet she believes too.. even if giving back the power works to her advantage game-wise as a by-product.

They should have kept switching - that house isn't big enough for both of them.

Not quite gay enough for the token gig. I'd like him in real life - but this isn't.

Hamster watching doesn't get better than this guy. Bath buddies forever!

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

I need a job. If you like what you see here, please let me know if you've got one, thanks.

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