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Today's must-click special: Grin's BB5 Park: Day 47 from Jokers

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Countdown to meltdown

This is a victim of the spiderweb they watched being spun last night: let's name it Drew.

The nightly shenanigans between Diane's needy insecurity and Drew's selfish libido are taking their toll: Diane is questioning his like/love for her and carrying it over into the game - compromising her strong position - and leaving Drew on his own - not his best spot to shine.

Cowboy joins The Fitness Twins for Silly Walks class

Diane tells the remains of "Pussy Power" her version of what
Drew thinks, feels, and fears within the game
Diane: Drew does not trust Natalie
Karen: I don't ever remember talking (badly) about Drew with anyone
Diane: They call themselves the Horsemen
Nik: And we call ourselves Friends

Ad/Nat, Will, and Karen go tanning - Karen in her own special way

Diane crawls in with Marv as he's napping to talk game - later she told Drew that
Marvin approached her! - then she cocoons, leaving Drew on his own

Drew does a poor imitation of mirror-face..

..he seems to like what he sees though

Will watches Drew shave and they discuss chest hair (shaving vs. Nair)
and Nik assesses the safety of the chicken

Afterward Drew asks Will, his Bible, and finally Cowboy what to think

Drew: Natalie told me that Will is coming after me.. I don't know if that's true or not but it scares me
Cowboy: It's true.. they're coming after both of us cuz we were in that group
Diane (walking by on her way to the Diary Room): Ok, let the anger roll
Drew: She's making me crazy
Cowboy: Yea, she can be a bitch sometimes
Drew: Yea, she can
Cowboy: If I win HOH and put her up, are you gonna be saving her? She isn't gonna look out for you - she's gonna look out for HER! She wants me out, and if she gets me out, she's gonna control you even more
Drew: If it comes down to it, I'll get her out.. She's got the power of a freaking bear, man.. she doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut. I think she's stupid!
Cowboy: I'm keeping my mouth shut on that

Drew and Cowboy's pics fly off the wall - Karen can relate & rushes to replace them
Diane comes over and says the guys behind the wall push them off

The many faces of Diane on meltdown alert:
Cozying up with that evil, horrible, harassing Marvin (whom she hates, remember?)
Explaining to Natalie that she's "psycho" and apologizing & seeking guidance..
Looking uncomfortable next to Drew in the kitchen, and then, out of the blue, telling Nat to go out to Drew and ask him if she's a good kisser (she explains they had a kissing discussion the other night - yes, that night - textbook passive-aggressive behavior with her own aggressive-passive spin)

Later she seeks advice for the lovelorn from Nik.. Karen & Will join in and all agree she should remember this isn't the real world - "very few reality relationships have worked out" - Diane doesn't seem to like that, and states if this were the real world she could just "run away and never see him again".. but she does seem to like being the center of attention: whenever the subject strays to twins or game she brings it back to her

A network television first

It's probably safe to say that male pubic hair removal hasn't been covered on network tv before, but it was tonight - in depth - first from Will and then Diane (which provided confirmation that her hand has indeed travelled to Drew's nether regions - take that, doubters!) Actually the whole HJ concept is pretty much unchartered territory for network tv, and surprising in the conservative wake of Nipplegate.

It's also surprising that these events revolve around good boy Drew, and that his genitals are so often the topic of conversation both inside and outside the habitat. Everyone knows that he shaves down there, that he's uncut, and "I do so have balls!" remains the catch-phrase of the BB5 season. All this from the guy who gets squirrely if he thinks his nieces know he's got a "bedmate".. go figure.

He's probably taken on more than he can handle with Diane. Whenever he's around (or Marvin, who she claims to despise but it's obvious she's intrigued by him - scared shitless but intrigued) Diane talks the big talk about her sexual escapades, all her boyfriends past, and all the guys who want her. Then she turns around and puts herself down, transparently fishing for compliments and reassurance. It's very rare that anything comes out of her mouth that isn't about her - but around these guys, it nearly always has a tone that claims I AM SEXUAL! (Odd, considering this is the girl who's never had an orgasm..)

Diane's a mess, and Drew's a naive, horny kid drawn to her good looks and sexy style. Her "episodes" leave him confused and reeling, and she resents him for that. Given a little emotional maturity in both of them, they might have a chance - but even at their most intimate, they resemble South Park 4th graders Stan & Wendy more than an adult couple forming a relationship. They're doomed - and we get to watch it play out :)
I can't stand the sanctimonious attitude but I'll give her credit: this week should have been peaceful and happy-happy-joy-joy, but instead we got some totally unexpected hissy fits and meltdowns. Still, she's gotta STFU.

For once he chose his moment well to lay the (appropriate) guilt trip on Drew. No telling if it'll work or not, but at least he got Drew to admit that Diane's "stupid" and "a bitch" and that he'd like her gone.. way to go Cowboy!

She can't figure out why Drew hasn't proposed yet; she's obsessed with talking about smash-the-kitty and "that night in the kitchen with Marv" (it was nothing - move on!) and she's not playing both sides as well as she thinks (just admit it Diane - you're on Diane's side.) Look out, she's gonna blow!

Apparently he hasn't heard that quote about "a woman scorned".. Diane's cut him loose again to figure out on his own what to do and who to trust, and he's predictably lost and confused - and drawing attention to himself right and left. Will he cry again? Shout that he's got balls? C'mon, don't let us down!

A low profile day. A kooky tanning style but our favorite wacko isn't doing much else today to entertain us - maybe the meds are kicking in.

Marvin's got the best turn o' phrase and tells the best stories in the house, and it seems like he talks about himself a lot. But unlike the others, he's only telling stories & anecdotes - he rarely talks about his game, or his feelings about the game, or his feelings about the others. Not really. For that alone, he's probably got the best game going, and it should work in his favor if he survives this week (and he better - we need those Marvisms & stories!)

Bla bla blah. Still whiny cuz her bedmate-confidante is probably leaving, and the six pinkie plan is just a vapor trail. She was better as the resident weirdo who didn't say much: ever since she started talking she's been giving weirdos everywhere a bad name. T-shirt idea: "Real Weirdos Don't Pinky-Swear"

Diane has spread the word that Nat's really in the driver's seat this week, but A told Nat "I think you can be a little more cautious (as HOH), cuz you learned a lot from me this week".. I think Nat may be as tired of A's attitude as the rest of us are.

"People are saying things about everyone and I don't know what to do anymore." That's why he should be packing.. he's gone past his use-by date.

Where to begin on Tuesday's show? Diane & Drew: I dunno which was worse - making their whole thing look healthy, the sappy love-theme music, or showing their cutesy kiss as the only clip from raunchy Truth or Dare night. Now we know that last night's DR feed slip-up was to get an Adria comeback to Nik's attitude (who cares?) Both the Christmas and movie comps were dull, drawn-out and just plain stoopid - the latter just an obvious paid plug for a lame teen movie and M&M's. Kudos for a probable tv first tho: the topic of male pube shaving (more on this in today's afterthought.) The Marv/Adria fight was way underplayed, which probably means there will be a tie after all, and that she's not going to kick him out (hooray for us!) Show highlight: Drew confusing fetish with phobia (his body hair, again)

Hamster watching doesn't get better than this guy. Bath buddies forever!

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

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